Make Money Online Through Readbud – Worth a Try!


Believe me I’ve tried them all! And yes, some programs were able to pay me, others were a total waste of my time. Did I learn anything? Definitely. I learned that you have to try and try before you find the right program that would work for you. And because of this learning, I am now on my next experiment.

Introducing, Readbud. You simply rate the articles you’ve read which are provided to you based on your chosen interest. Payment structure is based on the length of the article, so the longer the article the more dollars you are paid. Minimum payout is $50. I agree it’s quite big compared to clicks site but believe me when I say you can reach $50 faster than any PPC sites.

I will update once I receive my payment (this may take some time as I am still in my first $10). But if you would like to find out and try it out yourself please click below for my referral link or banner below.

Happy reading and rating!

readbud - get paid to read and rate articles


Choose Your Own Ending aka Inception


So why can’t the ending just be a happy one?

I just watched the movie Inception and I loved it. I love Christopher Nolan. I love Ken Watanabe. And I love love love Cillian Murphy. But I hate the ending. Does it always have to hanging? I understand Inception is a dark movie and all but does it have to end on such a double ending note? So again I ask, why can’t Inception have a happy ending? I know it was left to the audience imagination and his choice of what ending he wants to believe in as a conclusion to that story. But come on, a dark movie can have a happy ending too right. I love happy endings so I am going to choose that the last scene was not a dream! Darn, I should have tried reading those ‘Choose your own adventure’ books and I would have enjoyed Inception up to the last second.