Choose Your Own Ending aka Inception


So why can’t the ending just be a happy one?

I just watched the movie Inception and I loved it. I love Christopher Nolan. I love Ken Watanabe. And I love love love Cillian Murphy. But I hate the ending. Does it always have to hanging? I understand Inception is a dark movie and all but does it have to end on such a double ending note? So again I ask, why can’t Inception have a happy ending? I know it was left to the audience imagination and his choice of what ending he wants to believe in as a conclusion to that story. But come on, a dark movie can have a happy ending too right. I love happy endings so I am going to choose that the last scene was not a dream! Darn, I should have tried reading those ‘Choose your own adventure’ books and I would have enjoyed Inception up to the last second.